"Something unusual, I have to admit my skin is much smoother after the treatment „ 

Alice, Italy

"What a nice experience! What a great start to a day!„ 

Filip, Norway

"The beer bath actually made my skin so soft.„ 

Madeline, USA

"The time of my life! We left Spa Beerland absolutely relaxed.„ 

Charlie, London

"So cool! Amazing-quality beer!„ 

Oliver, Florida

"Awesome! 5-star treatment„ 

John, Canada

"A unique experience! I can recommend it to all beer lovers!„

Stephen, Canada


More information

Enjoy a truly original experience – BEER SPA BEERLAND® – and drink as much drink as you can!


Our beer spa Spa Beerland offers an original spa procedure based on the exclusive use of natural ingredients, material and old-Bohemian folk medicine recipes.

The beer spa procedure itself comprises several components:

  • bathing in beer, beer extracts and beer herbal mixture
  • unlimited consumption of light and dark beer Krušovice®
  • relaxing on a bed from real wheat straw
  • relishing homemade beer bread at the warmth of the spa fireplace


Procedure description:

BEER BATH takes place in hand-made, one thousand liters whirlpool tubs make of Royal Oak and is based on the effects of natural extracts used for the brewing of Krušovice® Czech beer which is characterized by a special hops variety, brewery yeast and malt. The high content of hops essential oils endorses general revitalization and relaxation of skin pores. Brewery yeast is rich in vitamin B and active enzymes which have beneficial effects on skin regeneration. The unique combination of natural ingredients and the magic effects of the Royal Oak wood – which has always symbolized longevity and strength – beer bath supports proper metabolism, extraction of toxic substances, inner and outer stress relief, reduction of fatigue and thus leads to the perfect rest of the body and mind. During your beet bath you can help yourself to unlimited consumption of Czech light and dark beer Krušovice® After the bath, you RELAX ON A BED MADE FROM TRUE WHEAT STRAW which endorses the absorption of all vitamins and extracts from the bath. During relaxation you can relish fresh HOMEMADE BEER BREAD. The warmth flames of a fireplace will be your companion during relaxation.


Important information:

You do not have to bring anything. All you need for the procedure will be provided on site: cotton towels and sheets, linen blankets and linden slippers. During the procedure you can enjoy premium Krušovice® beer on tap and homemade beer bread. The entire BEER SPA premises will be only at your disposal – our staff will give you necessary instructions, lead you into to spa room and then leave you to enjoy the procedure. To achieve the desired effect of the beer treatment for your skin, we recommend not bathing or showering for at least a couple of hours after the treatment. There is no need to worry about a possible undesirable beer odor as the beer bath leaves your skin scented with the aroma of a hops mixture and the brewery yeast leaves your skin supple and soft. If you wear a swimsuit during the treatment, we recommend thoroughly rinsing it in clean water immediately after the treatment and machine washing it the same day. Individuals allergic to proteins, yeast and hops, pregnant women, people suffering from high blood pressure or cardiovascular diseases should consult their physician before taking a beer bath.


Come and try the original Spa Beerland® beer spas in a unique romantic environment by the warmth of a fireplace! Couples can choose whether they will enjoy the experience together in one tub or if they shall rather select the variant of each having their own tub. To ensure the maximum comfort and resulting effects, we recommend that couples reserve two tubs.

Come and have fun with friends and try out the first Czech Spa Beerland® together! We offer exclusive rentals for groups of up to 8 people for one hour in two completely authentic rooms – the Copper Room and the Brass Room. It is possible to increase the hourly capacity (up to 16 people per hour) upon personal consultation.

The widest assortment of beer cosmetics is here! Buy trusted products from beer spa professionals and try our unique Spa Beerland® cosmetic line. Beer cosmetics can be bought at our branches.

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